After a gentle request, the catchement area for Folk Roundabout now covers ALL of Yorkshire as well.

Folk Roundabout
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8am-11am  Mon-Wed

It's Back! 


   Beat Loneliness - come along and have fun with friends you have yet to meet!   

Low numbers in your club? 

Not everyone is on Facebook. 

Some Facebook pages are so cluttered it is difficult to find what you are looking for. 

Why not get listed on here, or be like the Croxdale and have a page on this website, which is updated as per requests, to keep the Facebook problem at bay.

Format please:

DATE | CLUB NAME (Time & Cost) Full Postal Address including postcode *SESSION NAME* 

Trad, acoustic, disabled access, dog friendly  etc & contact details & website/facebook link. How often

It's amazing how many people advertise clubs and only supply the Pub/Club name -  how are people able to find you?


If you want to have your gig listed/poster added for said gig, it's £1 a shot.  

 What's on & Where

(Diary of Events listed by Day of Week) 

🐶 = Dog Friendly 

♿ = Disabled Access & Toilets 

🎻= Traditional Folk  

💃= Traditional Folk Dance

🎙️ =  Contemporary /Open Mic  

🎸 = Houseband Available

Let us know :)

Updates/News? Get it on here:

News & Club Updates

For Folk Roundabout stuff please email me, not Facebook messages ...  I do the website Mon-Wed 8am-11am, so if you email Sunday night it will be added by the following Wednesday. 

Is your club listed yet?

Clubs that have supported the site financially will be given priority, so, why not become a Patron, a yearly donation helps keep this website running!


Virtual Folk Club

They Died in the Dark

Yours aye,


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I have had several Facebook messages and would like to clarify the following:

I do not book acts for the Croxdale or any other club, I just run a  couple of Facebook pages for people who are not, themselves on Facebook. Please contact the person as listed.


If you have complaints about pub drinks prices, suck it up baby, these pubs need to make a profit to survive, we support clubs and the venues we hold the clubs in, so don't moan to me about it.  I can see the bigger picture.

Saw this on a pal's Folk Club Page, how true it is


Please pay respect for one another...

Leave your ego at the door

Entering and leaving the room whilst someone is performing is very off putting - please try not to (emergencies accepted :)

Don't join in with others unless they are happy for you to do so.

Don't talk whilst someone is performing 

Sleeping is OK if you're very old - but NO Snoring)

Treat one another as you would like to treated yourself (Unless you're a masochist)

NO Vaping! It dries singers' throats out!

Ask permission to film

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