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Gibson J 45 2012 


This round-shoulder, dreadnought acoustic guitar is known for its full, balanced expression, its warm bass, and its excellent projection.

Contact Roddy Gordon on 07846 403016

Tanglewood 6-String Electro-Acoustic Guitar


Model TW-145 ASC and comes with a hard case

Contact:  Ian on  07950 265751

Tanglewood 12-String Electro-Acoustic Guitar


Model TW-145/12-SC and comes with a hard case  

Contact:  Ian on  07950 265751

Crafter Electro Acoustic  Mandolin


Model M70E c/w Tribal Planet, comes with a soft gig bag.

Contact:  Ian on  07950 265751

Mandolin (Electro acoustic) 


Condition - Used – Good Condition

Brand - Ashbury

Contact Rob on 07974 101554

Stunning Ashbury (Hobgoblin Music) “A” pattern mandolin in brand new condition.

Taken in an exchange and I’d love to keep this one but space prevents. This instrument is absolutely spotless and seems to have been entirely unplayed, no fret wear at all visible so it is effectively a brand new mandolin.

Electro acoustic piezo in bridge with vol and tone working perfectly, no crackles.

This model is listed on Hobgoblin at £290 without case.

Comes with immaculate TGI gig bag, similar on Amazon around £30

Restrung and set up by me (I am a mandolin specialist)

Plays beautifully and can be demonstrated so you can hear it before buying.

Amazing subtle dark blue sunburst, pictures do not do it justice.

Do not confuse with the £100 mandolin shaped object on music shop walls, they are guaranteed to put off beginners as they are hard to play. this is from Hobgoblin and is a much better instrument for beginners or for a gigging musician

Mandolin (Electro acoustic) 


Condition - Used – Good Condition

Brand - Antoria

Contact Rob on 07974 101554

Antoria Mandolin, 

I’m a professional mandolin player, this is a decent instrument in its class, not to be mistaken for mandolin shaped objects off the shop wall for £100. I’d guess it was 1970s or 80s but no way of telling.

I got it as part of a job lot and I’ve replaced the cracked bridge with a decent ebony one, fitted new strap buttons and restrung it. The neck is slim and the playing action very good, the electrics are fully working with no crackle, the pickup seems decent and the tuners are smooth. It has a few dings visible in the photos but it’s a handsome A style instrument.

I would genuinely be happy to sell this to a beginner because I know it plays well and I will demonstrate it so it can be heard before buying or it would also suit a gigging occasional mando player who needs it for a few numbers.