As not everyone is on Facebook, please feel free to submit your video and little bit about yourself, and your song/poem/instrumental/dance. 

What clubs do you attend etc (if any)

All styles welcomed. 

Self-penned renditions are always welcome.

John Wrightson Performing  "Lilies on the Water" © 1988 John Wrightson 

"I wrote the song back in 1988. It’s always been one of my favourites. I got the idea from a documentary on Channel 4 called ' The 10,000 day war ' (About Vietnam)  This was in the early hours of the morning. Never seen it anywhere since"

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William Blyth Performing  "Chalet Girl Life" © William Blyth 

William Blyth Performing  "Pots & Pans" (The Cauld Lad (The Ghost of Hylton Castle) © William Blyth