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Q. Can I request a gig booking?

A. This is down to the decision of the club organisers. Generally this club does not offer paid guest spots to acts that they have not seen first. The best thing is to come along and play at any "Singers night" first (not paid) and if they think you may be suitable for a booking, and if there is a date available, they may offer a booking. 


JANUARY 23, 2024 The dreadful January weather did not stop Tony Wilson giving us a great evening of music and storytelling with warmth and good humour.

A lovely intimate evening, and lovely to meet Tony at last. He is also July's featured act, so keep your eyes peeled for his interview and two songs which will appear on this website 1st July 2024 .

2023-11-14 What a super busy night we had. Poor Marie managed to juggle the many performers time wise and everyone has a chance to entertain!

A newbie, Bunny Tan came along and by all accounts, really enjoyed the night too. I think that the pictures say it all :)

Thank you Lesley for your article, I have added pictures for you.

2023-10-24 What a superb night last night. The night started off with Pipe Dream treating us to three Ewen Carruthers songs, finishing off with the superb "In The Course of Business ". Sammi then followed up with a  rendition of John Wrightson's 'Tin Soldier' and her own song 'This Old House'.

The lovely Ken Arkley performed beautiful songs in the first set, and after a break, Sammi and Pipe Dream were the warm up act for the wonderful Tom Fielding, who was on top form.

The two charming chaps each have their own style and genre of music, and the contrast was lovely.

Thank you to Jackie for running this 'Warm Hug of  Club' and the new seats were rather lush eh.

See you again soon :)

October 24th 2023's Guests

"A Game of Two parts!"

Floor singers welcome.

Part One - Tom Fielding

Tom is a well known singer/songwriter who also sings a variety of well known songs. 

A lovely chap with a superb voice and excellent guitar playing skills.

Part Two - Ken Arkley

Ken is the main man from the South Sheilds Folk Club.

Charming, razor sharp wit, a lush voice and superb guitar playing. 

I have cancelled another night out to support this cool dude!

10th october 2023, a full house! So wonderful to see Pete Thompson back, the look on lovely Marie's face says it all!

A wonderful night with friends, made even better as people from other clubs were there too, the Pot & Glass & Guisborough Clubs. Trish McLean was the final guest and was as usual, amazing!

What a superb evening with Pipe Dream! The club was so glad to see them return, and much wonderful music, songs and laughter ensured! 

What a superb evening with Pipe Dream! The club was so glad to see them return, and much wonderful music, songs and laughter ensured! 

Tues September 26th - Guests - the ever popular Pipedream

Tues October 10th - Singaround - Phylisan

Tues October 24th - Pete Thompson, multi-talented member of Phylisan

Tues November 14th- Singaround - Phylisan

Tues November 28th -Guest - Croxdale’s own songbird, the amazing Marie Little

Tues December 12th - our now infamous Xmas Party and Singaround

We will have a new programme for January shortly


A warm hug of a club.

Teresa Danby "Totally agree ...a lovely place"

Still Awake "We had a lovely time...thanks for the warm welcome! Still Awake (Teresa and Bert)"